Putting Healthy Food In Your Belly Is Our Mission

The lack of transparency in certain other food systems is overwhelming and unethical. At Walking Woods, we pride ourselves on our transparency and ethical treatment of our animals. We are proud to share our farm with all of our customers, offering our friends and neighbors a healthy alternative to the unhealthy store bought options.

It’s Time For A Change

We are invested in how we manage our plants and animals knowing that unhealthy animals and plants make for unhealthy people. We want all of our customers to have full confidence in what they are putting in their bodies, and with Walking Woods products, they will.

Our Vision

Since our inception, we have been a pasture-based farm. Our animals receive the best treatment and it shows in their health and growth. We are hoping to offer many families the opportunity to appreciate what overall healthy animals can provide for us as humans. Nutrient-dense alternatives without the antibiotics found in store bought meats around the country. Our customers and soon to be customers deserve better than what is conveniently offered. We will try to match that convenience through bi weekly scheduled drop offs ensuring that our customers have the option to choose health.


We are open 365 days a year for visitors to see and start believing in every step of how their food gets to the table. Scheduled visits allow for more organized and detailed visits. Paul is the lead on this farm and he has to wear many hats in the business.


Hi! We are Paul and Ashleigh, a young couple that has made the commitment to raise high quality meats for your family, without any shortcuts & 100% transparency. We believe everyone should know how their food is raised before it hits their belly.

When we purchased our land in 2015, we believed in agriculture mimicking ecosystems on farming and promoting healthy soil development. This is the foundation to growing good, high quality life for animals, bugs and microbial lifeforms. We bought a 17.5 acre plot in Fayetteville, Texas that was formally owned by Herman Weiss, an old cattleman locally known as “Herman the German.” My father’s family is also German so the neighbors enjoy that another hardworking German is farming the land.

We invested with the idea of providing quality pasture raised meat. It is a lifestyle choice that we both needed, as humans needing to live free.

  • Our animals are only fed Coyote Creek Organic Feed Mill
  • We never use antibiotics, hormones or preservatives
  • Our products are vacuumed sealed 
  • We offer on farm pick up, delivery, or mailing
  • All of our products are processed at USDA certified facilities 
  • All of our animals are raised within 80 miles of Houston and Austin