Our Wagyu cows are rotated every other day and are 100% grass-fed. The beef from these cows will become available in 2021.

Our pigs are pasture raised

Our pasture-raised chickens are fed Coyote Creek Feed Mill. Meat Chickens (broilers) are purchased from Ideal Poultry, a Texas local hatchery. We rotate the birds every day sometimes twice a day (on the last 3-4 weeks of growth).

Our goats are pasture raised and fed alfalfa pellets provided by Coyote Creek Feed Mill. They are Boar & Spanish Mix breed and are rotated ever 2-6 days when we trim their hooves.

Our turkeys are pasture raised and fed Coyote Creek Feed Mill. 

Our pasture-raised chickens are fed Coyote Creek Feed Mill.  We rotate the birds every day sometimes twice a day on the last 3-4 weeks of growth.


At Walking Woods, we strive to produce the highest quality meat, naturally. We invite customers to come visit us to learn how our animals are raised. Happy animals make quality meat. Our animals graze year round, free to roam the pasture. Our animals are never given hormones or antibiotics, and are not confined to a small space. Raising animals naturally is the most honest and humane means of farming. We  truly believe this creates a superior product, far better than store bought protein, much leaner and healthier.

We are open 365 days a year for visitors to see and start believing in every step of how their food gets to the table. Scheduled visits allow for more organized and detailed visits. If you would like to schedule a tour of our farm, we we be glad to do that. Please contact us so we can set a day and time. 


Come stay the night at the farm, camp on the property next to a shelter that has running water with a hot shower and a composting toilet. Experience the noises of the farm in the country side along Cummings Creek you can use the kayaks and float a calm day trip. If you have a fishing license bring your pole! Breakfast and other meals can be provided for additional costs.

Contact us to set up a night at the farm for you, friends, and family. We enjoy being able to share the farm experience for those not used to the country life. Enjoy the fresh air and have a wonderful experience!